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Our Story

Gayle Dufour is the owner and founder of What’s Cookin’. She started working at restaurants when she was a teenager in high school, and continued her passion for cooking throughout college. For twenty-three years Gayle has successfully ran four corporate cafeterias, as well as her own catering business. 


Gayle founded What’s Cookin’  over twenty years ago and ever since then it has evolved into a paleo, gluten free, and vegan friendly deli. At What’s Cookin’ all of the soups, meals, dressings, and so much more are homemade. Gayle enjoys taking on the challenge of finding good and healthy recipes for her customers.


Gayle draws on a wealth of knowledge and cooking experiences, along with her own unique creativity; to mix up a melding of flavors, textures, and colors that ultimately provide you with a tasteful delight. Also, her menu changes with the seasons to provide you with continuous opportunities to explore and taste new creations. 

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